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From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 10:20:52 EET

Jane Williams --
> found that the metal associated with Air is Silver. The Moon (not an
> element anyway in my book) doesn't get a metal. What on earth is going on
> here?

The Lunars, if they tried to fit themselves into this system, may claim
to have supplanted Storm's claim to Silver -- or even to have preceded
them to it. It's basically a GL scheme, so there were no Lunars around
at the time to have to Explain Away. Hence the Lunars might also say
that it was Bollo-- err, true principally from a certain Materialist

Personally, I'd associate the Lunars with Bright Red Anodised Aluminium. ;-)

> I'm also trying to sort out how animals get attached to the elements: most
> is pretty obvious, but I'm still trying to understand how birds can be
> Fire rather than Air. I mean, a bird is a creature of the air the way a
> fish is a creature of the water.

Partly this is a GLisation of a Truth-on-the-ground, which may or may
not (also) be a Cosmic Truth. DHns have historically done lots of Bird
Stuff, Orlanthi seemingly fixate on mammalian (principally feline in DP,
of course) allies. Rivalry and contrast throw this distinction into
sharper relief -- at least one Orlanthi write-up (CoP, from memory) says
"No bird allied spirits because of the Sky connection". Polite phrase
for "Because those bastards from up t'north use 'em!", methinks.

Intuitively, it also makes a bit more sense if you read the runes as "Sky"
and "Storm". Even so, there are certainly exceptions: some Orlanthi have
raven familiars, and I betcha some sun worshippers appoint their horses
as allies -- or tribunes.

> Gaylin suggested that whatever system you use, healers are primarily
> concerned with balance, and I think she's right.

Also fits in with the Harmony schtick.

> Perhaps this is one reason why
> healers are so famous for being unbiased: if you refuse to heal trolls,
> how do you expect to convince a Darkness herb to be your friend?

Makes sense to me. Same applies to spirits, and to everyday folks
too, come to that...

My Own Private Glorantha...

Carl Fink explains the Young Elementals, then comments:
> I kinda like that, but it's clearly too Theyalan and God-Learnerish to
> be right any more.

Still works for me! Obviously it's a Theyalan-influenced telling, though.
Doubtless the Heartlands get a version cast in terminology (and version
of the Creation myth) more familiar to them. Or if one were a real
paranoid, one might suspect the whole thing was a Seven Mothers plot,
to subvert the Theyalan creation myth from within -- perhaps the cult
doesn't even _exist_ in the Heartlands! ;-)

It struck me as a slight cop-out to treat the Young Elementals as
identical to their uncles and aunties, though. (Though in game terms,
this is doubtless pretty accurate.) The Cosmic Significance of the
subcult is, if one ponders it, that the Lunars have access to a whole
Pocket Glorantha all of their very own, at least via HeroQu-- sorry,
T&Jing. Now, there has to be more possibilities in that than just
Summon Shade...

> Probably "the Lunars" have access to air spirits, but not via the
> Young Elementals.

You betcha. For understandable reasons, not an aspect of Lunar magic
that gets stressed when they come into (violent) contact with Orlanthi,
though. "Anti-barbarian tactics, class? Back of the class that boy
who said 'fight Storm with Storm'!"



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