Syphon River.

From: Giles Hill (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 11:47:00 EET

Hi all,

Stephen Martin in #423 said
>>It is my understanding that the Syphon River in Heortland is viewed as
>>chaotic, because it flows up from the sea rather than down to it.

I'm sure I read somewhere, the RQ Companion perhaps? (No texts on me at
the moment so I cant check)that the exact opposite is true! The Syphon
flows inland in an attempt to cleanse the poison from Larnstes Print so
shouldn't the Syphon be seen as being against chaos, a purifier perhaps?,
rather than chaotic.

Perhaps this is why the Syphon is salty it carries salt to spread across
the print so nothing can grow there and thus help prevent the spread of

Thats the problem ya see Stephen, if you will start getting involved in
things Chaotic like Drastic, you start seeing chaos everywhere!


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