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Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 15:31:21 EET

G'day all,


I'd just like to re-reinforce Nick and Jeff's comments about MGF. MGF is
all about making Glorantha an enjoyable place to game in rather than making
it ridiculous. While there is a place for goofy schtick (I should know),
rather than in long-running campaigns this is usually found in one-off
tournament scenarios like "Seven Mothers do 'ave 'em" and "The Getting of
Wisdom". While we've got plenty of yucks out of "Embarassment of Riches"
and "Rune Metal Jacket" at the various cons, they are pretty much written
perfectly straight and can (and have) been played that way very enjoyably.



PS, great to see another stargazer Alex F back in harness again!

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