Notes from Nochet & Cactus Elves

From: Fernando Blesa Moreno (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 13:45:02 EET

MOB said:

> I'd also appreciate it if someone
> could post the Note Phil Notched again, as I making a collection of them
> all and this one seems to have slipped through my fingers!

After some research I've found it at GD V4 #184, one year ago:

: From the Notes from Nochet files:
: (XXIX.1623.gsl.hibb/7) "In parts of the Pamaltelan deserts, there are White
: Elves who have poisonous blood or sap, and break off spines to use as
: blowpipe darts. As a race they are almost extinct, for Fonritian traders pay
: the local tribesfolk well for the spines, which are used in civilised
: country as writing quills, and to make syringes and other medical
: instruments. With the resumption of sea-bourne trade, Vadeli merchants
: occasionally offer them here at fantastic prices, well beyond
: my budget." Guido Capratis, apocathery.



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