Baths of Nelat/Well of Daliath

Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 16:07:19 EET

Alex Ferguson:
Let me confess first of all: the Orlanth/Bath/Nelat-Quest -- I'm not sure
what its usual title is, and nor can I recall if I've actually seen this
myth in print -- I'm presuming it is indeed the myth where Mastakos is
freed (or abducted) from Daliath's Well).

     Ummm, no. Sandy talked about this at GC IV, and Mastakos is one of the
first 'obstacles' (should I say stations?) that you have to pass on the Quest
of the Baths of Nelat. What you get at the end, if you succeed (and according
to Sandy, no one has done it since Orlanth), is a drink form the Well of
Daliath. This is analogous to Odin's sacrificing an eye for a drink from the
Well of Mymir; it conveys Wisdom. In Orlanth's case, the inspiration to do
the LBQ (as I beleive I said before).

The connection is that the "Nelat Quest" indeed involves said Baths, and
having survived them before is explicitly linked to having any chance of
surviving the Flames of Ehilm in the Hall of the Dead section of the

     Well, according to Sandy, Harmast attempted the Baths of Nelat in order
to purify himself for the LBQ. He failed, and turned to the Fires of Ehilm
for a purification rite that was actually doable by mere mortals.

     All of the discussion from which I am quoting will be in the GC IV
Conpendium, if I ever manage to get it out... I wanted to be finished in time
to have it out for RQDU, but here it is Febuary....

          Andrew Joelson
          Chairman GC IV


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