Chaotic Chaos Fighters?

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Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 16:58:12 EET

Stephen Martin:
>It is my understanding that the Syphon River in Heortland is
>viewed as chaotic, because it flows up from the sea rather than
>down to it.

Hardly. The myth about the rivers changing course would be well known,
and the Syphon would be renowned for its persistance in fighting chaos.
It might even be possible that Syphon water finds its uses in anti-chaos

>I would
>think that it being a salt water river would be wonderfully appropriate
>given the extreme fear and hatred which it would be viewed. It needn't
>even be necessarily chaotic -- the fact that it is undrinkable water
>in a river might just be enough for the local Orlanthi to label it as

Nonsense, IMO. "The water is salty to keep people from drinking it, the
river needs every single drop to fight the chaos at its head." would be
as likely an explanation.

Heortland is known for reliable downpours - why would anyone need river
water for drinking purposes?

>Well, now that I think about it, the presence of Uroxi tends to ensure
>that things are not mislabeled as chaos too often, so perhaps it is
>merely seen as chaos-influenced, not as chaotic itself (like
>trollkin, for example).

IMO to lable the Syphon River as chaotic is like labeling a Storm Bull
berserk as chaotic. (and deserves the berserk's justified reaction

The local chaos fighters likely regard the Syphon River as an ally. They
may even have a special magic to redirect it into Krarshtkid tunnels (of
which there are plenty)...

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