Eiritha as Grain Goddess

From: Joerg Baumgartner (jorganos@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 16:56:19 EET

>I thought that agriculture in Glorantha among the non-sorcery-using
>populace is highly dependent on Grain/Earth Goddesses.

Generally speaking, yes.

>And since there is no real Grain Goddess for Prax the land cannot
>support the type of agriculture other can.

Theoretically, no, if you believe the nomad tales about Eiritha.
Practically (as shown all along the Zola Fel river valley and at the
oases) there seems to be no problem with agriculture on the plains of
Prax as long as there is water.

>Yes there is Eiritha but she is primary the Cow Mother, isn't

The nomads say so. They have a Sable Eiritha, a Bison Eiritha, an Impala
Eiritha, a High Llama Eiritha, and even a herd(wo)man Eiritha, a Rhino
Eiritha, a Zebra Eiritha, plus another five or so Eirithas for the lost
tribes. The Pol Joni worship Cattle Eiritha. And then there is Eiritha
of the Paps, continuing the ancient land worship, Eiritha who makes the
grass, shrubs, bushes and even palms grow. She has no favourite grain
anybody knows of (the God Learners didn't bother to assign her one,
since she didn't fit into their cookie-cutter scheme of things) but
seems to support the Garhound farmers who worship her through their
worship of Ernalda as much as she supports the Sun Domer farmers or the
Lunar settlers.

>As far as I know this is because Genert is dead and so is partly
>the land or the power of the land.

Genert is responsible for the Wastes, not specifically for Prax. (At
least not any more than he is for Peloria, meaning that the fertility
magics have to come through his daughters.)

Prax has its own local dead (or sleeping) Earth King, Tada. I have seen
theories that when Tada will be permanently revived, Prax will be a lush
savannah again. It might, if Tada has a good myth of turning away the
Storm Bull's rage from his land.

Joerg Baumgartner (via Hotmail)

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