From: Jose Ramos (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 17:50:47 EET

        Although I don't claim to know how the Galanini were in the First
Age, after the Dark Empire Opression, the Jrusteli domination and the "back
to basics" movement at the fall of the GLs, I think they have been quite
stable the last five hundred years or so.

        I think all the henotheist churches in Safelster tried to return to
what they were inmediately before or inmediately after Arkat (depending on
preference and capability). Galin was one of the first, as a bunch of Ehilm
descended sun followers are bound to have troubles with a "Dark Empire".

        So they "rediscovered" a few families descended from Ehilm, tried to
return to the privileged position with the Father of Horses, but they
remained firm believers in an Invisible God above all (GL influence runs
deep). Now their caste structure has also a distinct patron god, from the
Ehilm descended Lords, to the Horse Lord knights and the Green Lady

peasants, held together by the Wise ones.

        I always thought that Maklamann was one of the first converts to
Arkat's new Humakt, and he became the leader of the new humaktis. There were
conflicts between Humath and Humakt followers, and conflict between the two
of them.

        For Joerg and Peter, the sources can be read in multiple ways, so
you will have to make them up. The most convincing will win.



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