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Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 16:59:20 EET

"Stormy Jeff" Richard steps into our fray:

>"Fightin' Joe" Baumgartner and "Killer Kiwi" Metcalfe
>appear engaged in a spectacular battle over the First
>Age West and the early Godlearners. Since it is a three-day
>weekend for me, I figured I'd jump into the fray - at least
>the Ralian portion of it.

You're welcome (as is anybody else). Especially when you support my
views... ;-)

>My impression is that the Dari Alliance was within the sphere
>of cultural influence of the Bright Empire. For what it is worth
>I actually think the prime actor in separating the Humath cult
>from the storm gods was Arkat himself. Separating Humath from
>the Storm seems to me to have been one way to prevent it from

>falling under the influence of the High Storm.

This would postpone this separation for about 60 years during which
Lokamayadon would work to integrate the cult (he was already busy
uniting the Pelorian Orlanth cults through his person, and Arkat came
into the Tanier valley around 410; give him another five years to
aquaint himself with the Umath cult while he still was a Hrestoli knight
(and wizard?) and leading a conquest). Maklamann would have been
interested to achieve this himself.

As to the religious life of the Enerali after their contact with the
Theyalans: I suppose that the worshipping techniques taught by the
Theyalans would have been applied to the Ralian deities, and would have
changed the effectivity of their magic (though may have cost some of the

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