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From: Brandon Brylawski (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 20:12:46 EET

Thomas and Joerg write:
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>I thought that agriculture in Glorantha among the non-sorcery-using
>populace is highly dependent on Grain/Earth Goddesses.

Generally speaking, yes.

>And since there is no real Grain Goddess for Prax the land cannot
>support the type of agriculture other can.

Theoretically, no, if you believe the nomad tales about Eiritha.
Practically (as shown all along the Zola Fel river valley and at the
oases) there seems to be no problem with agriculture on the plains of
Prax as long as there is water.
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In my campaign, all agriculture in Genertela does require earth-fertility
magic, because Genert is dead. Eiritha does not provide this sort of magic.
The Zola Fel river valley gets its fertility magic for agriculture
from Zola Fel; while few of the people in the area worship the river primarily,
they all pay respect to it and include it in certain important ceremonies.
The symbolic marriage of the Count of Sun County to the naiad Kinope (a daughter
of Zola Fel) detailed in River of Cradles is an example of this.

The oases in my Prax are areas where Genert bled when he died; as a result, they
have some fertility without special earth-magic.



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