Re: Stargazing

Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 20:16:34 EET

Me, in response to Alex:

<<It might be possible to devise a means of creating unique houses for a given
birthday based on Shargash's position in the sky or putative position in the
Underworld. It wouldn't vary by latitude, as it does on our world (although in
some ways that might help) but it may at least introduce a further level of
complexity, which I think is to be desired. I'll get back to you when I've
tried to do the sums...>>

      I have now figured out at least one way of doing this based on the
Campanus Method, and I can probably think of a few alternatives reflecting
different, doubtless antagonistic, Schools of Buserian Knowledge*. I am
confident I can use this to create a means of casting Gloranthan birth
horoscopes, which, while simpler than the RW version should still produce
quite enough complexity for game purposes. Obviously, putting in all the
meanings would take a long time, and I have as little inclination to devise
the entire scheme as anyone else would have to read it, but I could write up
the basics with a bit more thought and help from fellow Digesters.

* but trying to explain it without diagrams would take a while, so I won't
bore the whole Digest by trying to do so. I'll write it up over the next week
or so, and mail it to anyone with an interest.

Forward the glorious Red Army!
     (who definately isn't an astrologer unless anyone should get the wrong


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