The end of undead

From: EBWE Engineering (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 22:53:11 EET

I would like to thank everyone for their response to my Undead question.
You helped me to form a more solid opinion. I will now work on the
assumption that there are two types of Undead.

1. Created Undead
2. Voluntary Undead

The voluntary type are the ghosts, wraiths and such that remain after the
body dies. It may be a predetermined decision or not. The created undead
are made through magic, or other transformation methods.

As for my questioning the link of chaos and undead, I like the idea that
the world of the undead is not connected to chaos. However there can be a
chaotic undead horror that exists to destroy. A mindless animation, that
seeks to destroy all that lives.

Jim Bickmeyer (The EBWE Engineering Guy)


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