Spirit magic

From: Jane Williams (jane@williams.nildram.co.uk)
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 23:00:14 EET

Just a random thought on the gaining of spirit magic. You go on to the
plane where the spirit lives, and fight it, gaining a power from it if
you win, right? Doesn't this sound awfully similar to HQ contests: as ZZ,
you beat up Yelmalio and steal his Fire powers, for instance. Obviously
gaining spirit magic is far lower-level, but is the difference one of
degree or of kind?

I wonder: if you try to learn a new spell, and fail, what happens? Does
the spirit take a spell away from you?

Quite a few spirit spells in divine cults are from cult heros, aren't
they? Do you have to take on the hero in spirit combat in that case?

Jane Williams jane@williams.nildram.co.uk


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