Baths of Umm.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 22:58:16 EET

joelsona employs his usual rejoinder, this time to me:
> I'm presuming it is indeed the myth where Mastakos is
> freed (or abducted) from Daliath's Well).

> Ummm, no.

Well, "umm", Andrew, I was trying to support your original point, and was
"presuming", with several explicit caveats, the above from Steve's synopsis
of the myth in question. If you want to go "umm" at someone, perhaps you
should go do so at him. Clearly the Baths of Nelat _is_ connected to
the LBQ, if only in Orlanth's version.

Would anyone can try try and clarify which quest _is_ the one where
Mastokos is "liberated"?

> Well, according to Sandy, Harmast attempted the Baths of Nelat in order
> to purify himself for the LBQ. He failed, and turned to the Fires of Ehilm
> for a purification rite that was actually doable by mere mortals.

This would make sense, as it would set the precedent for the Dire Warnings
in the shortform version in KoS. One wonders which form Argrath uses...



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