Unhealed GLs

From: Vesa Lehtinen (akuleh@sci.fi)
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 23:55:48 EET

Jeff Richard answers to healing etc.
>I don't think that someone genuinely initiated into CA needs Heal 4 to have
>any effect on members of other clans - if anything, the cult of CA is one
>of the very few Orlanthi institutions that is not myopically fixated upon
>the bloodline-clan-tribe principle of social organisation.

        May I make an outrageous suggestion; If some kind of difficulty is desired
rulewise when casting healing magic to a War Clan member, it does not need
to be MP-wise, but by a reduction to a casting chance (assuming that the
casting chance is rolled at all, of course). This could be -5/-1 penalty or
more. And if some recognize "degrees" between "warclanness" (for a lack of
any better term) - one clan being more violent than other etc. - this could
affect the chance even more. Rulewise, only...

David Cake
> The RuneQuest Sight greatly facilitates creative heroquesting,
>though. What the exact relationship between the RuneQuest Sight and the God
>Learner Secret is, I can't say, not being privy to that notorious secret.
        RuneQuest Sight could be a sort of a catalyst, "triggering" a certain
process but not directly involved with it.

> The God Learners also had the God Learning ritual, described in
>Wyrms Footnotes, which allowed them to relatively easily discover all sorts
>of information that they could later use int heir creative herouesting.
        Hero plane equivalent of Alta Vista ? Okay, this goes too much into a
computer paradigm...

> Well said. Most of the God Learners probably thought of themselves
>as good guys.
        Yeah, Lawful Goods. Which reminds me...

>Many of them probably deplored the actions of a few
>extremists who swapped goddesses or skinned the golden lions or whatever,
>much as many of us deplore French nuclear tests
        With all due respect, that sounds a bit like softpedaling; "they were not
that bad after all". Of course, we could take the generation schism
parallel; "Youngsters are going to hell nowadays, they do not respect their
elders (ie, do what their elders did instead of doing whet their elders
told them to do)."
        "Dangerous knowledge"-idea works, too, though. IMO, even if there could
have been multitude of "scientifically oriented" GLs, what the true rulers
do with knowledge ? According to Jung and many others, medieval alchemists
seemed to "look for God" from what we understand as chemistry now but all
their sponsors _really_ wanted was a method to create gold. And as soon as
"scientist GLs" invented a method to study God Plane (ro whatever they
called it), "economist GLs" or something similar started to exploit it,
because they saw it only as another source for resources.
        And IMO that was the primary activity of Jrusteli Empire. "What use is
this strange knowledge about pagan gods ? Invent me a weapon to kill
Orlanth (or
Yelm?)" Or "Your so-called knowledge is useless unless it is _invested_
properly. Tell me a good place for a raid in the Celestial Palace so I can
fill my coffers. And if you do not, I do not feed you any more !" Since
when scholars have ruled the countries...

Scholar Troll (?)
Vesa Lehtinen


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