Re: Theyalan Galanini?

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Tue 17 Feb 1998 - 04:38:01 EET

Just a few comments on this thread...

If you look at _The Broken Council Guidebook_ it's pretty clear that
the Theyalans had a very definite effect on the Ralians (meaning the
humans mainly, Galanini or Enerali as you prefer -- the Hsunchen were
the demonized enemies of the late first age). Before the Theyalans
came the Ralians had the Dangan Confederation, which was a loose

religious affiliation. They worshiped hundreds or thousands of gods,
which they called The Many. There was the god of Lake Nalar, the god
of the wheat fields, the god of ravens, the god of giving birth, the
god of death, and many others: every aspect of life had its god. One
of these gods was Humath, the God of the North Wind, if I recall. A
minor god, just like all these others.

Then the Theyalans came in... missionaries from the First
Council. They showed that they were stronger than the Ralians because
they worshiped just a few gods and got real power from them. The
Ralians were impressed, but didn't want to give up their own
gods. Thinking quick the Theyalans said, "Look, you worship our god
already... there that's him... Humath... that's really
Orlanth's... uh... brother, that's it." And so some of the Ralians
started worshiping Humath, and pretty soon they started worshiping
Orlanth too, and they called them The Twin Storms.

Now the Ralians were really a LOT less part of the Councils then all
those people in central Genertela. In fact, after Dari came around,
they backed off quite a bit but still those Theyalan ideas had become
a big part of their society... ever growing, I think, because they
offered power. And the Ralians did eventually come back to help the
Council. That was the Second Dari Alliance, and they beat up the
Hsunchen of the highlands at the Council's bequest.


PS: Watch for Tradetalk #3 - when it comes out it has a few First Age
myths I wrote about the central Ralians, talking about the four
Galanini tribes, the Twin Storms, and a few other things...


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