War and Peace.

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@interzone.ucc.ie)
Date: Tue 17 Feb 1998 - 07:27:19 EET

Jeff "Who needs a middle name when you have two first names?" Richard says:
> given that the Varmandi have fairly consistently been a War Clan

IIRC Greg's gone so far as to say "The Varmandi have _always_ been a War
Clan." (Emphasis his, though he was speaking and not typing at the time.)
Doubtless this could mean "Orlanthi Always".

> I don't think that someone genuinely initiated into CA needs Heal 4 to have
> any effect on members of other clans

That's exactly what Jane was proposing, for just the reasons you give,
Jeff. (But that other Varmandi would, the logic of which I can see, but
which I don't think I can really believe in.)



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