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I didn't cut the questions so I'm going by dodgy memory here.

Eshaella Twinsinger is first a bard and sorceress. She is an acolyte of
Donandar and an adept. Through a less than perfect approach to
heroquesting,(as a generally useful support character) she has gained
various other divine attachments, and discovered some pre-existing ones
she didn't know about. Theres a lot of danger when you have to make a
character up on the spot and use the cop-out she doesn't know her own past
too well.

As to disrespect to gods by classing them with spirits, it's the other way
around. She considers spirits as very weak or broken minor gods. As to her
reasoning that the spirit mage isn't casting the spell, but convincing
another fragment ar attached entity to do so is thus: There is no learning
pattern for spirit magic, you will it done, and if your spirit is strong,
it gets done. You cannot use your knowledge of a spirit spell to research
a variation of it, therefore you REALLY DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW IT. You must
be maintaining an attachment to a spirit that does.
  As to the assertion that if you did have these attachment people should
be ably to see them and if powerful take them away from you. Well they
can. Several spirits of reprisal happily strip people of spirit magic.
People do it to themselves too. That one hour or more you spend
"forgetting" spirit magic is IMO divesting yourself of that contact.

Forgot to mention, system is RQ3, non Sandy sorcery.

I'm running late so Ive got to go, try to answer mor tomorrow.



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