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>a) How do you initially contact a _specific_ spirit?

You find it at a place sacred to it on the mundane or spirit planes.
The Firshala spirit from Griffin Mountain was bound on the mundane
plane between a couple of menhirs in the wilderness like a huge ghost.

>b) Can you 'worship' more than one, or are you limited to only the one
>divine spell?

Depends on the "size" of the spirit. Firshala had a unique divine
spell and some spirit spells.

>c) How do you re-use the spells, do you need to set up your own shrine
>to each spirit? Do you need 'Worship <spirit>' If so, how do you get it?

Yes, yes, and from the spirit.

>d) I assume it is still preferable for him to be an initiate of KL (now
>where is that write up?!) if he wishes to be accepted by other Trolls.

Oh, yes. Note that Kyger Litor _is_ a spirit cult, since it's the
worship of the ancestral spirit of the Uz.

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