Safelstran History.

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Date: Tue 17 Feb 1998 - 09:31:28 EET

Jose Ramos:

> Although I don't claim to know how the Galanini were in the First
>Age, after the Dark Empire Opression, the Jrusteli domination and the "back
>to basics" movement at the fall of the GLs, I think they have been quite
>stable the last five hundred years or so.

It depends. There *is* a modern tribe of the Galanini in the east
wilds who were formed when Jonat visited Seshnela. (It's even described
in Jonat's Saga but that is such archaic shite - it has people riding
around in chariots frex - that only a few details can be assumed). That
is why it is unsafe to refer to the Third Age Safelstrans or even the
people of Galin as Galanini.

I should expand upon my speculation about Galanini customs surviving
among the Safelstran Knighthood. It seems to me that Ralios has a
two-tiered system of cavalry. One is the standard Western Knight
which rides Big Horses (the Fronan) whereas the burgher class would
traditionally ride the Daron and be equivalent to turcopoles and
serjeants. I think the Nobles of Ralios would provide the Western-
style Knights (with Ulianus Chivalry traditions or modern Rokari
Thuggery) and the 'Knight' Caste the lighter cavalry with ye olde
Galanini code of honour.

> I think all the henotheist churches in Safelster tried to return to
>what they were inmediately before or inmediately after Arkat (depending on
>preference and capability). Galin was one of the first, as a bunch of Ehilm
>descended sun followers are bound to have troubles with a "Dark Empire".

IMO during the God Learner dominance of Ralios, they would have
re-established the Solar connections at Galin and whatever divine
connections at the ancient city of Hrelar Amali and all that.
Precisely when they did so is unknown as we don't know when the
God Learners turned pantheistic but it certainly was before the
False Gods Revolt of 901 ST (in Umathela).

However the cults at this stage were on the scale of natives
worshipping at the temples and getting sod all for it with the
God Learners summoning/controlling the Gods themselves. The
modern Galanini tribe IMO was formed as a revolt against this.
(The Galanini were too conservative for the Ralians; for
example, they refused to adopt the Daron preferring their
kindred Galana steeds. As a result they were gradually forced
into the highlands by the Ralian Cities after the God Learners

It is only with the destruction of Seshnela that the various
churches gain real magical power. IMO the nobles ruling Ralios
promptly abjured their God Learner beliefs and began to champion
native beliefs including Arkatism and the Old Customs. Because
they had been largely divorced from their gods by the reaction
against heroquesting, the Ralians were eventually ineffective
and some form of henotheistic malkionism took root.

This faith was overtly replaced by the Rokari faith as a result
of two Tanisoran invasions (Balifies and Ulianus III). So most
of the nobility and the church in Ralios would have orthodox
malkioni attitudes with the burghers and peasantry adopting a
more heterodox attitude (with the precise details depending on
the land in question).

> I always thought that Maklamann was one of the first converts to
>Arkat's new Humakt, and he became the leader of the new humaktis. There were
>conflicts between Humath and Humakt followers, and conflict between the two
>of them.

The trouble is that Maklamann remains faithful towards Arkat always.
So he is not only turning his back on the Dari Alliance but also upon
Harmast and the others when Arkat becomes a Troll. Even Arkat's own
Humakti IMO were 'shocked to their once-revered leader acting trollish,
ordering the devastation of cities and fields to destroy his enemy'
(CoT p18). But Maklamann just keeps on going and going...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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