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From: Mikael Raaterova (
Date: Mon 16 Feb 1998 - 22:48:30 EET

>I think Divine Magic aswell as Spirit Magic are not
>thought to be skills by the people who use it. I think that they are
>more like blessing granted when the need arises or sometimes denied. Who
>grants them, you ask ? Either Gods (divine) or friendly spirits. And if
>the a spell is failed it can't be cast again because the entity who has
>it doesn't want to. You should be friendy to your spirit allies and
>pious to your god else your magic will become very weak. I don't know
>how a mechanic should look like and then this is more a theme for the
>Ruled Digest. Anyone thinks like me (Michael Raaterova, perhaps) ?

Since Thomas spelled my name right i'll say this:

1) The RQ rules, and especially the magic mechanics, DO NOT give an even
slightly accurate representation of how magic works in Glorantha. The
tripartite division of magic into Divine, Spirit and Sorcery isn't even
remotely close to correctly portraying the varied and different cultural
magics that exist in Glorantha.

2) I think that your version of Divine and Spirit magic could work very
well in some culture or other in Glorantha. The mechanic for it is pretty
simple: if you please your gods (with sacrifices, geases, prayers, tithes,
etc) they'll keep them blessings coming. It's the old roman "do ut des". As
for a system - wing it.

Michael Raaterova

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