Troll religion

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Tue 17 Feb 1998 - 12:09:02 EET

Ralph Plowman :

>Hi, confused non-shaman of mundane plane here.
>Can anyone tell me exactly how spirit cults work.

It's in the Cults book in Gods of Glorantha.

>I have a player who wants to be a Troll shaman, and although I have
>Troll Gods, I don't understand exactly how he goes about gaining divine

>magic from these spirits.

I've played a troll shaman/priest of Xiola Umbar for a while now. Troll
religion seems to be very primitive and shamanic generaly, so their
approach to spirit cults may be different to the strict spirit cult
system in GoG, more like hero subcults found only at a particular shrine
or whatever. Don't feel restricted by the rules as stated, just go with
what you feel is apropriate for your game, or for a particular
situation. No two spirit cults or special shrines should be quite the
same anyway.

>d) I assume it is still preferable for him to be an initiate of KL (now

>where is that write up?!) if he wishes to be accepted by other Trolls.

If he's a shaman, why not be a shaman/priest of Kyger Litor? Priests of
Kyger Litor have to be shamans too anyway.

Personaly, I realy like Xiola Umbar. You get plenty of usefull healing
magic, some realy strange and unusual rune spells, usefull rune spells
from associate cults, trolls like you, humans like you and you still get
to be nasty to people. And eat things. Lots.

Simon Hibbs


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