good God Learners

From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 17 Feb 1998 - 11:42:53 EET

>Many of them probably deplored the actions of a few
>>extremists who swapped goddesses or skinned the golden lions or whatever,
>>much as many of us deplore French nuclear tests.
>What do you mean? The God Learners had good reasons for switching the
>goddesses. They were trying to revive and unify the Elder Cults
>according to Wyrms Footnotes p37.

        Well, even revolutions have their conservatives. I'm sure there are
a few people who thought it was a bad idea, but their much more reasonable
plan (exchanging a dozen different spirit cults in a controlled pilot
program, or whatever) was defeated in council/caucus/the emperors
affection, and they afterwards muttered bitterly that they knew it was a
mistake from the start. While those originally in favour of the goddess
switch busied themselves with complicated analyses of how it wasn't their
        It is extremely obvious that the God Learners, depending on how you
define God Learner of course, did not act in a particularly unified manner.
It is obvious that they were not all in agreement about the numerous
experiments, especially with so many different avenues of enquiry being
followed. In fact, its pretty unlikely the God Learners where never all in
agreement about anything.
        Of course, a lot of God Learners might talk about how foolhardy
some particular experiment is, while performing an equally rash one
themselves, especially in the latter days. As the various disasters begin
to occur, an air of intellectual urgency begins to set it, each faction
claiming their own mad scheme is the answer while warning that the other
mad schemes will lead to disaster.
        (Actually, secretly I think some God Learners actually WERE good
guys, not just well meaning maniacs. But many of these are remembered not
as God Learners, but as Saints or heroes, bravely saving people from the
impact of the disasters. They are not thought of as God Learners either
because they had very good PR, or because they deliberately removed
evidence of God Learning (ie founders of Caladra and Aurelion).)




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