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Brandon Brylawski:

>In my campaign, all agriculture in Genertela does
>require earth-fertility magic, because Genert is dead.

I can't imagine any agriculture anywhere on Glorantha (do Vadeli farm?)
that does not require earth-fertility magic. A farmer who doesn't
worship his work (or has the wizard/sorcerer put in the magic) won't be
able to harvest anything beyond the grudgingly given (Earth is
bountiful, but not necessarily generous if neglected; if there is no
veneration, earth will still give back part of what it is given, unless
there is sacrilege).

>Eiritha does not provide this sort of magic. The Zola Fel
>river valley gets its fertility magic for agriculture from
>Zola Fel;

Zola Fel provides the water, but doesn't give any Bless Crops or similar
benefits as far as I remember the write-up. What grows on the land grows
from Eiritha.

>while few of the people in the area worship the river
>primarily, they all pay respect to it and include it in
>certain important ceremonies.

Much like the Dragon Pass Orlanthi include Heler (and/through Orlanth
Thunderous) in their agricultural worship. Greg's myth of the month
addresses this in passing, replacing or embellishing the earlier Orlanth
woos Ernalda myth in WFP(rints).

>The symbolic marriage of the Count of Sun County to
>the naiad Kinope (a daughter of Zola Fel) detailed in
>River of Cradles is an example of this.

IMO this is an example for a water-bringing ceremony. The farmer knows
that he requires three components - earth to give birth to the new
wealth, water to make it grow, and sun to mature it; and none of these
in excess. Accordingly, more importance is laid into rituals which
concern a critical ressource - river water in Sun County, since rain is
not only scarce, but mythically inappropriate.

>The oases in my Prax are areas where Genert bled when
>he died; as a result, they have some fertility without
>special earth-magic.

My only quibble with this is that it was Tada rather than Genert who
fought and died in Prax - Genert died somewhere in the Krjalki Bog in
most myths. Who tells this myth?

Joerg Baumgartner (via Hotmail)

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