Lost Tribes and God Learners

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Tue 17 Feb 1998 - 21:40:25 EET

Adam Betteridge

>Just a quick question or three, who are the Lost Tribes of Prax? Are they
>gone or hidden or what? Will they return?

The Lopers, the Longnoses, the Clawfoots, the Plains-elk and the Nosehorns.
They are believed to exist but virtually all praxians have never seen them.
They may return but they are more likely to be an exotic clan encountered
on the plains of prax rather than a gigantic horde.

David Cake:

>>>Many of them probably deplored the actions of a few
>>>extremists who swapped goddesses or skinned the golden lions or whatever,
>>>much as many of us deplore French nuclear tests.

>>What do you mean? The God Learners had good reasons for switching the
>>goddesses. They were trying to revive and unify the Elder Cults
>>according to Wyrms Footnotes p37.

> Well, even revolutions have their conservatives. I'm sure there are
>a few people who thought it was a bad idea, but their much more reasonable
>plan (exchanging a dozen different spirit cults in a controlled pilot
>program, or whatever) was defeated in council/caucus/the emperors
>affection, and they afterwards muttered bitterly that they knew it was a
>mistake from the start.

And it was a bad idea, why? They only exchanged two goddesses around.

Nonetheless I dislike this revisionism that all the bad deeds of the
God Learners are somehow done by people who were not good guys. Were
the people who worked on the Manhatten project _evil_?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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