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Now I have time to give you some proper answers.

> It would be useful to know more about this character. He/she seems

to be a sorcerer....

Eshaella is a non-Malkioni sorceress, receiving disparate training in
Godforgot, and by Aeolian sorcerers, and anything else she could pick up.
Her approach and attitudes toward sorcery have been politely described as
unique, less politely as rogue. She spent a great deal of effort gaining
acceptance as an accolyte of Donandar. Other runic attachments have been
gained unsought. She is illuminated, and awakened in awareness. (which as
far as Ive ever been able to understand is somewhere between Eastern
Enlightment and New Age Cosmic Awareness) I cant tell you any more on
that because that G.M. moved back East and Ive totally lost contact.

She certainly did not mean to denigrate either Sorcery, Spirit or Divine
Magic, but has pretty much had to come up with her own ideas how things
work so her cosmology is effectively reverse engineered from the RQ3 rules

Ive already tried to answer to spirit magic so Ill leave that alone for
now, except that Eshaella feels that there is no difference between cult
gained spirit magic and shamanicly gained spirit magic except for how the
spiritual attachment was introduced. Either way the spellcaster has a
spiritual attachment to a magical spirit that she can influence to cast
that spell. Sometimes that spirit is unable, busy, recalcitrant, or
whatever. The warping of the spellcasters spirit occurs in divine magic,
requiring in her opinion the power of a god.

On Divine Magic, Eshaella feels that a portion of the acolytes own spirit
is being separated and altered. (it could be just as easily traded, but
that doesnt suit her sensibilities, Gods dont swap) She supports this due
to the loss of spritual power with the sacrifice, and by the fact that
this sacrificed spell can be separated from the acolyte and enchanted into
an item. It seems to her that this supports the idea that the spell has to
have some individual spiritual identity. The properties of truestone
bother her a lot because she cant really justify them, but shes not
convinced that truestone is exactly part of the world or exactly bound by
the compromise.

On sorcery, its hard to argue that point for point sorcery is as powerful
than comparable spirit magic. Bladesharp 4 has the effect of damageboost 4
and a bless weapon 4 as well. (Eshaella has no contact or knowledge of the
bless weapon spell, but its the most succinct example) Compare the cost of
befuddle and stupefaction, and multimissile is way beyond sorcery as she
knows it. As an adept sorceress, she also knows that in its own way
sorcery is by far the most powerful form, but only its own way. Weapons
she enhances can tear through armor for weeks, not minutes, and she can
spend the next ten years underwater if for some reason she found it
needful. The pattern for the sorcery spell is less powerful than its
spirit equivalent, but what the sorcerer can do with that pattern is
something else .

On the multiple Glorantha theory. It started when she was transferred from
one campaign to another, with a different crew of players and G.M.
Eshaella and companions had gotten some serious alarms on the undead
front. Not being stupid, and having a friend who was First Sword in the
local Humakt temple, a PC in her last campaign, she went to get his help.
Imagine her surprise to find that the temple had never heard of Rolf, and
the first sword was the most muscular duck she has ever seen. She later
returned to the first campaign when it started back up and there was Rolf
again. The cradle incident was at a tournament game, I dont remember who
the player was, but the character was well played and memorable. He was
played in a sort of tortured eternal champion model. I assume the
duplications were tournament related.

This is all just a characters viewpoint, and is not likely to match anyone
elses. I feel it reflects the RQ3 system far more than Glorantha. I am
limited as to my Glorantha data, having Gods of Glorantha, Troll Gods,
Elder Secrets, and random magazines as my library. Id like more but have
too many more pressing demands upon my limited income. Frankly most of
your debates require way too much background information for me to make
much sense of them. Since the rules system affects the game reality at
least as much as any Greg wisdom I felt that submitting the paper would be
of some use. It was written as an attempt to better define the character.
I liked the feel of it personally and have adapted it to the cosmology of
Shehallalecyn, the worlds I run, which I doubt any readers have the
remotest interest in.

Unrelated topic. Sorry I went off on the Tolkein comment. I thoroughly
agree that Tolkein elves are not appropriate models for Aldryami. I like
the seasonal personalities. All I have on the Luathelans is Eldar Secrets
so I cant really comment on that, but from what is there a Silmarillion
influenced style might well be appropriate.



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