Arkat and Lightbringing

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 05:26:18 EET

Jeff Richard aka The Man with No Surname:

>Finally, it should be mentioned that I think Arkat could not help but be
>impacted by his association with the Great Lightbringer himself, Harmast

Which is _after_ he has cleansed Ralios of the Deceiver. As a result
of his rescue by Harmast, he becomes a Humakti (which seems to be
worshipped by the Slontans albeit under another name IMO cf Urnbudud
in the GRoY) and fights in Slontos. So while he's more sympathetic to
lightbringing here (even though he's a Humakti), he's not operating
in Ralios and does not even return to oppose the Dara Happan Army
that issues forth from Kartolin after he leaves.

Arkat's cut his links with Gerlant and so I presume the Western Army
(mentioned in Troll Gods and implied in Cults of Terror) is composed
of the Ralian 'Sons of Arkat' rather than being Seshnegi and Brithini.
It seems from Cults of Terror that since the western army was 'already
depeleted and demoralized' when Arkat became a troll, Arkat was not
receiving reinforcements from Ralios. IMO the Western Army was a
select army of Arkati Knights that volunteered to follow Arkat on his
new offensive to the ends of the earth but slowly lost their nerve
(like Alexander's Macedonian troops).

- --Peter Metcalfe


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