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Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 07:21:18 EET

>Funny, then, that the Kingdom of Night under the Only Old One fully
>embraced the Lightbringers' message, and _spread the creed_!

But Ezkankekko was a very, very strange Uz.

>By "late first age" I gather you mean the years from 200-350 ST
>described as recent history in the Guidebook.

Yes. I was talking Pre-355. I'm pretty sure there was a lot of
sideswitching and betraying in Ralios from 355-500.

>>And the Ralians did eventually come back
>to help the Council. That was the Second
>>Dari Alliance, and they beat up the Hsunchen
>>of the highlands at the Council's bequest.
>The northern highlands (Vesmonstran), right? Or did they convert the
>Bemuri by force?

All the highlands, actually, forming a crescent around Lake Nalar.

There was a bipolarization in Ralios Pre-355.

In the lowlands you had the second Dari alliance, formed of the tribes
of three of the sons of Eneral: the Utoni, the Fornao, and the
Korioni. There's a minor tribe too, the Yelornans: descendents of
Eneral's daughter if their myths are to be believed. These folks are
around Lake Nalar, and were the primary adherents of the Dangan
Confederacy religion and the First Dari Alliance in earlier times.

In the highlands you had the traitorous Vustri, the fourth major
Enerali tribe, but the son who betrayed his brothers. Then you have
all the Hsunchens. The Zebra Hsunchen are probably the most powerful,
but you also have kavitti, bemuri, telmori, mraloti, basmoli, lots of
reptile hsunchen in Ormsland, and many more.

These two wide groups of people had hatreds going back to the
Godtime. The council used it to their advantage: several of the
highland tribes were a constant thorn in their side, so they convinced
the lowlanders to attack them.

I doubt anyone in Ralios was converted by force, since the lowlanders
would just have wanted blood and vengeance, but I could easily see
highland tribes turning to the council and begging to join them after
the onslaught began from the west.



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