True Golden Horde

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 10:08:22 EET

Simon W Jones:

>I'd just like to ask a few questions of you good people.
>On re-reading Uz Lore- I noticed that in describing the invasion of
>Dragon's Pass by the Invicible Golden Horde it mentions them commiting
>unspeakable crimes of rape and genocide.

>Whilst I suspect an incomplete understanding of Gloranthan history- this
>struck me as odd. I've found a couple of references- but they just
>suggest that the Horde was Sun worshippers (except for the Sons of
>Javinu out of Talaster). Is this anti-Solar bias from the hand of
>Minaryth Purple or not?

The Horde came from three directions according to KoS. The north
included the Dara Happans, the Sairdites and the Carmanians. The
western included Praxians under Jaldon Toothmaker and even included
some Sun Dome Charioteers and Pure Horse People. The composition of
the southern army is the most mysterious of all as we are not
certain from whence it came*.

So it doesn't appear to be anti-solar bias on Minaryth's part.

Considering the described atrocities the Carmanians did to Dara
Happa when they took it over and the rites to Gerra, what the TGH
did that would be considered 'unspeakable' is a question that
keeps one awake at nights.

*Pedantic discussion here: There are two armies that come from
the south, one supporting the 'newts and one against. The Only
Old One, ruler of the Shadowlands, sent a mixed army of trolls
and humans. The southern component of the TGH was solely human
and two-thirds the size of the Only Old One's army.

Now there are two ways into Dragon Pass from south bypassing the
Shadow Plateau; through Esrolia and through Heortland. Either
one must have been friendly and/or subject to the True Golden
Horde or else it would have problems marching through.

If the horde approached through Heortland then it was probably
a mixed army of Heortlanders and People whom God Forgot. If the
horde approached through Esrolia then it could have been solely
Esrolian, a mixture of Esrolian and Caladraland forces or a
massive western barbarian invasion or a combination of all three.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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