Bliss in Ignorance

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Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 10:08:16 EET

Simon Jones:

>As for the North East, it struck me that there was stunningly little=20
>written about Bliss of Ignorance and Koromandol.

>As Koromandol boasts by far the highest number of Trolls in Glorantha-=20
>it occurred to me to be a good place for playing- having done Trolls in=20
>DP to death (trolls are a perennial favourite). With intriguing comments=20
>in the literature to the trolls of Koromandol as a place where they are=20
>dying out (possibilities of "Eastern fatalism" with trollish mania) or=20
>building their strength for something BIG (strengthened by population=20
>size in TP- and they can't all be trollkin) - both of which are=20
>definately MGF.

There was a thread some time ago about the culture of the Uz in=20
Koromandol in the digests volume 4 numbers 360-370 (approx). They
are a whaling culture based on the indians of the Pacific Northwest
and gorgefeast on pumpkins, prawns, shrimps and watercress. The=20
reason for this is because Koromandol and Bliss in Ignorance is=20
full of Edward Lear jokes (the Creature whose name is YBB is=20
actually Yongley-Bongly-Bo, the Nimble Hen with the single twisted
leg is actually the Fimble Fowl with a corkscrew leg etc). See
ToTRM#9 letter column for more details.

Likewise the cult of the Black Sun has a whole lot of Herschell=20
Gordon Lewis in-jokes inserted by one S. Petersen. MOB has an=20
article about this on his webpage:

Enough of the sources, onto the questions.

>The Black Sun seems to be one of the most intriguing cults, with it's=20
>varying worship and re-interpretation, but as so much discussion has=20
>occured around Greg's GRoY its place in the prophecy of the Suns to=20
>Come also intrigues- does anyone know more about this?

The cult has not been 'reinterpreted'. Rather the Ignorants have
had a succession of Solar Cults in accordance with their picture
writing. The Black Sun is merely the latest such cult and was=20
imported by the Uz to help them rule Bliss in Ignorance.

What the picture writing actually says is a good question. But
it has been reinterpreted by a number of conquerers and prophets
to justify their suzerainity and doctrines. What the next sun
will be like is anyones guess, although IMO the Kralori could have
cooked one up when they conquered BoI during the Dragon Wars.

>The cults mentioned in G:GCotHW- including Earth Eater, Secret Waters,=20
>Shadow Cancer, Star Permutator and Sun Storm, all apparently=20
>misunderstood Kralorelan or slaor virtues- any ideas or comments?

I've heard Sandy say that the Shadow Cancer is actually the Cult
of Malia.=A0

- --Peter Metcalfe


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