Illuminated Humakti

From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 11:49:50 EET

>I think there are very, very few illuminates in Humakt
>for this reason. The cult is so singularily basic in its functions that
>at the higher levels such discrepencies of spirit would be highly

        Oddly, as Humakt is one of the gods whose name is most persistently
linked to rumours of Illumination. Also, one of those most prone to heresy
and mythic change.
        Personally, I think because the cult function is so linked to an
impersonal principle, that leaves it open to a certain tolerance of
'discrepancies of spirit'. It is much easier to claim that a particular
aberrant behaviour is acceptable to the impersonal principle of death. Not
to mention the lack of a rigid hierarchy, and the dueling customs, which
means you can probably get away with holding any moderately outrageous
beliefs while maintaining cult status as long as you can beat any Humakti
who disagree with you in a duel.
        Of course, this doesn't mean that your average Humakti is likely to
want to get involved with your typical pansy red-robed Lunar riddler - but
I am sure that there are Yanafali or Carmanian schools of illumination of a
suitably grim and martial aspect.
        Of course, it is quite acceptable to want to prevent Illuminates in
Humakt in the name of game balance, just to prevent rampant geas breaking,
but I don't think its necessarily based on Gloranthan fact.
        I think Illuminated Humakti are, while not common, at least as
common as Illuminates within other cults, and probably more so.
Illumination does not necessarily free them from their obsession with
death, but it does cause them to re-evaluate their relationship with it,
and as death is an impersonal principle, death does not necessarily object
to that.




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