Orlanthi Gbaji

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 12:26:58 EET

Jeff Richard:

Me>>And some Theyalans including the Dorastans were still in contact
>>with the Dari Alliance. The Heortlings OTOH are seperated by the
>>Mislari Mountains. Nysaloran influences would have been spread
>>through the secrets of Lightbringing and so I repeat Arkat the
>>Knight would have seen Theyalan influences as Gbajite and would
>>have no reason to suspect (until Harmast) that one could distinguish
>>between Lightbringing and Illumination.

>I disagree with you here, Peter. The Theyalan missionaries of the first
>two centuries or so had a very different from Nysalor.

But Arkat cannot be _aware_ of that when he enters Ralios! This would
be on par with the First Crusaders distinguishing between Turks and
Egyptians as they battle their way to Jerusalem.

>Now the Nysalorian revelation (or, dare we say, Illumination) was something
>quite different from this, if no less powerful. Nysalor revealed things
>even to people who spurned to the Theyalan message - like the folk of Dara
>Happa or even the Malkioni. Nysalor was not dependent upon the centuries
>old shrines to Orlanth and the Lightbringers - Nysalor introduced some
>abstract principles, and taught people the practical application of them
>(mostly via new cults), which allowed a TRANSCULTURAL unity.

And the Nysaloran influences came into the Dari Alliance via the
World Council in Dorastor. And we've agreed that the essense of
Lightbringing and other councilic beliefs in lowland Ralios was
associated with the Orlanth cult, right? IMO the most likely people
to be travelling between Karia (through heathen Vustria) into
lowland Ralios to spread Nysaloran secrets would be Orlanthi from
Dorastor. Therefore Nysaloran influences would _become_ associated
with the cult of Orlanth in lowland Ralios regardless of whether
his truths were capable of being understood outside that context.

Ergo the Cult of Orlanth is tainted as being a vessel for Gbajism
in the eyes of Malkioni Crusaders and thus Arkat the Knight slices
Windlords for his breakfast IMO. This makes his conversion to
Humakt (and co-habitation with the Orlanthi!) even more shocking to
the Ralians and the Seshnegi at the time which is a good thing
and reinforces his betrayal.

Of course I'm largely influenced by the wonderful argument of one
J. Richard in Enclosure to the effect that 'Nysalor was a true son
of Orlanth and Lokamayadon was his first priest!'

>What Arkat the Knight must have tried to eradicate was anything
>that appealed to transcultural unity - certainly not the pagan
>spring rites of the lowland Ralians.

So why did Arkat wipe out the Unicorn Riders?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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