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Jose Ramos:

Me>> There *is* a modern tribe of the Galanini in the east
>>wilds who were formed when Jonat visited Seshnela. (It's even described
>>in Jonat's Saga but that is such archaic shite - it has people riding
>>around in chariots frex - that only a few details can be assumed). That
>>is why it is unsafe to refer to the Third Age Safelstrans or even the
>>people of Galin as Galanini.

>So, how do you call the citizens of Galin who follow the Horse God Galanin,
>specially if you have not read (andwill never read) Jonat's saga?

I have never read Jonat's Saga either yet the tribe does exist as
they are referred to in the Yelm Cult writeup in White Wolf.
Galanoi or Galana would work for me as the 'neo-hsunchen' tribe
are called Galanini or Galaninae.

>> I think the Nobles of Ralios would provide the Western-
>>style Knights (with Ulianus Chivalry traditions or modern Rokari
>>Thuggery) and the 'Knight' Caste the lighter cavalry with ye olde
>>Galanini code of honor.

>I feel you set too much store on Ulianus influence. He conquered only a part
>of Safelster (IMO Daran, Kustria, Dangim, Uron, Tarasdal, and parts of
>Azilos, Tinaros and Holut). He managed to extract tribute from all the
>states in the lake, but political control was feeble. This region is, IMG
>again, where rokarism spread to the peasants, and in some cases to the
>rulers too.

I wasn't talking about conquest, I was thinking about how he established
the Great Tournament at Kustria which would have effectively transmitted
chivalric values to the Safelstrans Nobility.

>The nominal knight caste is what would be Noble too in the RW. That is why I
>prefer Lords and Knights, as they are both Noble (cf What my father told me).

By the nominal knight caste, I meant to refer to the Burghers. I'm
intending Safelstran cavalry to be somewhat weaker than Seshnegi
Knights. And many of the burghers although they have the privilege
of riding horses in battle, prefer to shoot crossbows from the city

>>(The Galanini were too conservative for the Ralians; for
>>example, they refused to adopt the Daron preferring their
>>kindred Galana steeds. As a result they were gradually forced
>>into the highlands by the Ralian Cities after the God Learners

>I suppose you mean by this the Galanini "neo-hsunchen" tribe that
>appears in Jonat's Saga.

That's correct.

>The Galana are (IMO once again) still going strong in Galin,
>one of the Ralian Cities, after the "rediscovery" of Galanin. I suspect the
>God Learners suppressed him for the cult of Ehilm.

Eminently plausible.

>>[...] the Ralians were eventually ineffective
>>and some form of henotheistic malkionism took root.
>No need to be ineffective, 500 years of Invisible God under the Dark Empire
>and the GLs are hard to forget. Specially as the magic is good.

The trouble is we are not sure if the Dark Empire worshipped the
Invisible God as that is a name that was created by the God
Learners. See Nick's Malkioni Scriptures for more details.

>>This faith was overtly replaced by the Rokari faith as a result
>>of two Tanisoran invasions (Balifies and Ulianus III). So most
>>of the nobility and the church in Ralios would have orthodox
>>malkioni attitudes with the burghers and peasantry adopting a
>>more heterodox attitude (with the precise details depending on
>>the land in question).

>What is Ralios there? I thought we talked about Safelster, the land where
>every city has a different sect, half a dozen secret societies, and cynical
>populace. And in many cases (cf Gcothw) the populace is rokari while the
>nobles (Lords AND knights) follow weird cults. No Tanisoran invasion ever
>got hold of the land.

Yes, I erred when I said Ralios and I really meant Safelster. But
as for the Tanisoran invasion, Balifies had exacted tribute from
most of Safelster and would have sent Rokari Bishops into Sentanos.
So Sentanos IMO was until recently Rokari at the top (Erengazor
changed it in favour of the Proven Appearance of Arkat so I've been

- --Peter Metcalfe


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