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Simon Jones:
>On re-reading Uz Lore- I noticed that in describing
>the invasion of Dragon's Pass by the Invicible
>Golden Horde it mentions them commiting
>unspeakable crimes of rape and genocide.

Imagine any army of tenths of thousands slowly foraging through land
occupied by small clans formerly part of a greater whole, now without
common leaders or protection, and resisting their meagre existence -
meant to last a winter - eaten in half a morning (and the foragers
remaining half hungry).

"Captain, this man resisted our foraging group!"
"Well, have him impaled, enslave his family, pour encourager les autres!
And that dog there goes to the officers' cook, mind you!"

>Whilst I suspect an incomplete understanding
>of Gloranthan history- this struck me as odd. I've
>found a couple of references- but they just suggest
>that the Horde was Sun worshippers (except for the
>Sons of Javinu out of Talaster). Is this anti-Solar bias
>from the hand of Minaryth Purple or not?

IMO the northern horde consisted to about equal parts of Carmanian
"Light Shah" or balanced Shah warriors, Dara Happan forces,
anti-EWF-minded barbarian forces, and Redlander horse nomads. The
eastern horde consisted of Praxians - including True Horse People
warriors - and their allies, apparently including Zola Fel valley Sun
Domers. The southern horde against the EWF remnants probably came from
Wenelia and assorted would-be-looters from Kethaela, while the Only Old
One recruited a significant force of trolls, trollkin, and humans to aid
the dragonewts and remaining human natives of the Pass (though no larger
than any of the invading hordes).

There will have been a good portion of storm worshippers among the
horde, but you rarely tell about your own past failings. Fortunately few
Germans are proud of their role in the world wars, and few British bask
in the glory of the Boor wars (where the concentration camp was

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