Re: Peter lies about the sources, AGAIN!!!

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 15:39:19 EET

Once again, that arch-traitor Peter Metcalfe attempts to lie and
distort his sources, propping up his own ramshackle theories and
throwing dust in the eyes of his readers. Luckily, Inspector Nick
is on the case:

> (the Creature whose name is YBB is actually Yongley-Bongly-Bo)

That's "Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo" to you, perp! Twenty "Hail Gregs", and
you can count yourself lucky I'm in a good mood.

Source: "The Jumblies, and other Nonsense Verses", by Edward Lear.

(Yet another of my accidental Gloranthan connections... my great-
grandfather Leslie Brooke illustrated all of these poems! So, if
you want to know what the YBB, or the Nimble Hen, or any of the
other denizens of Koromandol look like, you'll have to fork wads
of cash into the Brooke family coffers. Ha ha ha!!!)



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