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The following are a few fragments from the Imther pack with relevance to
Hilltown (copyright Harald Smith 1995/96) following Simon's request. I have
added some recent comments in brackets to reflect some changes/amendments
since these pieces were written.

[Imther is a clan or marl-based society. Most clans live in the hills below
the mountains along the western and southern borders. There are four of
particular relevance to Hilltown.]

The Marls of Imther
The marl or clan is the main association linking people within the kingdom
of Imther. Unlike membership in a khelish, an association common to the
Imtherian cities, membership in a marl begins at birth and becomes complete
through a rite of passage at age ten. Members may later abandon the marl or
marry into another marl, but they always have that initial association.
There are currently 21 marls in Imther and most have held their current
positions and relative strength for at least two centuries. The recent
disruption of the civil war, however, has altered the strength of many

[The "civil war" was a clan war occurring roughly between 1609 and 1612 for
control of the crown. As a result of the civil war, several clans/marls
sought protection from the King of Vanch or the Queen of Holay.]

The Royal marl holds the southwestern entry into the Imtherian mountains at
their stronghold of Blackwall. Ever since the rule of Margor I this marl
sought to found a lasting dynasty. With the triumph of Margor IV their
dynasty seemed assured. With the failure of Margor IV to produce an heir,
however, the dynasty now appears fragile. It is expected that King Margor
will select one of his lesser nobles [i.e. village chiefs] as successor, but
he has yet to do so. The marl is noted for its fine perry (an alcoholic
beverage made from pears).

The founders of Hilltown [I noted incorrectly that Ronon had founded
Hilltown--it was Gobindal], this marl has long been friendly with the dwarfs
of Underhill. The marl always seem eager to try new ways, such as
supporting their leader Aidea when she married Imthus, giving aid to
Jannisor against the wild men of Tork, greeting the Conquering Daughter upon
her arrival, and now embracing the multifaceted ways of the Lunar Empire. A
short-lived dynasty ended when King Rhynon took the throne, yet the marl's
animosity vanished when Rhynon rededicated the kingdom to the Lunar Way and
established the Pilexial rites. Many members of this marl aided the
construction of the Temple of the Reaching Moon.

Holding much of the land along the Aryael River [this river runs from beside
Hilltown down towards the Oslir--it's spirit is called Aryela the Water Dog
who's visage is variously an otter-, a raccoon-, or a beaver-headed man],
this marl is now mostly ruled by the Kingdom of Vanch. Worship of Khelmal
and Nealda has seen an increase as Imthus and Aidea are suppressed by their
new overlords. Hwarin Dalthippa has been prominent within this marl for two
centuries. Consequently, the Borkan marl has produced some of Imther's
finest craftsmen, including the notable Tiron who helped design the Temple
of the Reaching Moon.

Devoted followers of the Conquering Daughter, this marl constructed the
beautiful town of Daughter's Rose, which can be seen from the great road
nearby. The marl leaders have traditionally vied with those of the Grigor
marl for rule of Imther over the last century, but since the civil war the
lands of this marl now lie entirely in Vanch, having joined the cause of
Wearomon and Memnon against King Margor. But the ties of Imthus and Aidea
still run strong in the villages and a young figure known only as The
Preserver has struck against the ruling overlords.


A Catalogue of Imtherian Places by Ludoxus of Jillaro
Compiled in 7/39 (1610 S.T.) per order of General Yugla-oor
(This document is written in New Pelorian)

I entered Imther with a full company of the Daughter's Rose infantry to
compile the information as requested. Attached are my findings based on my
tour of the key routes through the land.

This land is categorized as a Provincial Kingdom according to the Standards
of Gremachus, though under the Campobellus Rule it should be classified as a
Tributary Ally. It is situated at the end of the Eastern Wall, though
disconnected from the main range by the Gap of Tork. Beyond lie the
Jarstingian realms and other primitive tribes, much like the Brolian tribes
lie beyond the Western Wall.
The population of the land is estimated at: 12,000 humans, 20,000 dwarfs,
and 300 gargoyles per the Ulymadus Method. This excludes the city of
Hortugarth and the clans now loyal to Vanch and Holay. Though I believe the
figures for humans, I have been unable to confirm the figures for dwarfs and

The terrain factor is 8 out of a possible 10 according to Ikayelmon's
Military Strategy Handbook. I believe this figure to be quite accurate,
given the harshness of the grades into the mountains, and can understand why
both Hwarin Dalthippa and Sheng Seleris, curse his name, chose to avoid
- -..
Lying at the end of the Second Daughter's Road, Hilltown is reasonably
impressive, even to civilized Dara Happans. Of great note is its hilly
location, ideal for withstanding sieges. Hilltown naturally serves as the
capital of the kingdom and houses the King and Queen. The Royal Guard [a
collective name for the separate guard units] is comprised of sturdy
veterans who are kept well drilled at all times. The easiest approach to
the citadel is actually down the Daughter's Road, though many losses would
be incurred in the approach given both the citadel's defenses and its
defenders. Dwarfs live nearby in a community called Underhill from which
they have mustered at times to aid the Imtherians.
Population: 3,000 humans; 5,000 dwarfs in Underhill.
- -..
The Imther Mountains
The mountains are ideal defensive terrain, but have been ineffectively used
during the current civil war. King Margor has not consolidated his strength
here and so both Pilex Memnon and Pilex Wearomon have moved unhindered save
by dwarf units. One main road leads east from Hilltown all the way to
Gapguard. A second road leads north from Sidherius to intersect the other
at Central Mine. Other than these two roads, passage along any other trail
by major military units is near impossible. It is rumored that a dwarf road
runs under most of the mountains.
Population: 7,000 humans.
- -..
It is my decided opinion that an Imperial army venturing into this territory
would find the going slow and difficult. The locals clearly know their
land, even if they are not great strategists. The dwarfs are so well
secured that not even trolls would stand a chance against them here. Given
their conservative nature, they could not be lured out to battle. I do feel
that the Lunar College of Magic could work effectively here--there are no
magical opponents of any worth--as would the Crimson Bat. But the
expenditure of such units on this land would hardly be worthwhile. In
summary, I must recommend that we let the native elements reach their own
conclusion to this civil war.


The Kharex of Imther

Two great stone walls in the King's Hall in Hilltown detail the Kharex
(Kings and Queens) of Imther. The List of the Royal Scribe is kept updated,
but it is damaged in two places. The Old Commentaries of the Court is a
sacred text, supposedly defining the nature of good or bad kingship.

The List of the Royal Scribe in the Kharex's Hall in Hilltown.
Note: All dates until Memnon V are listed as S.F. or Since Founding. All
dates from Memnon V on are listed by wane and year of the Red Goddess.

Dynasty Kharec Khara Rule
Ingrin Imthus Aidea I 1-50
                Memnon I Lore I 51-74
                Memnon II Lore II 74-89
                Ramgaard Delaa I 89-100
                Edamus I Soraa 100-105
                Phalajaa I Soraa 105-121
                Phalajaa II Delaa II 121-123
                Torgaard Mista 123-127
                Torphaar Astrigis I 127-131
                Phalron I Aidea II 131
                Torphaar -- 131-132
                Philex Arlia I 132-133
                Torphaar -- 133-137
Valusi Daxus I Iabe I 137-177
                Rinian I Cadma I 177-205
                Edamus II Miabe I 205-239
                Cadmus I Miabe II 239-241
                Rinian II Cadma II 241-280
                Edamus III Miabe III 280-285
                Edamus IV Lore III 285-296
                Cadmus II Mocleia I 296-315
                Alpin I Norea I 315-329
                Alpin II Astrigis II 329-344
                Rinian III Norea II 344-375
                Daxus II Arlia II 375-410
                Starbeck -- 410-423
Rhynite Memnon III Norea III 423-440
[start of broken list]
                Hervor III Midara I [??-??]
                Memnon IV Astrigis III [??-??]
                Karsor I Asta I [??-??]
[end of broken list]
                Memnon V Arlia III 2/37-3/6
                Polaron I Lore IV 3/6-3/19
                Ragnor II Castuba I 3/19-3/30
Yelmon Yelmon X* Iabe II 3/30-3/37
                Polaron II Aidea III 3/37-3/44
                Raptor I Lore V 3/45-4/15
                Polaron III Urkara I 4/15-4/22
                Yelmon XI Midara II 4/22-4/28
                Yelmon XII Lore VI 4/28-4/33
Mallust Raptor II Aidea IV 4/33-4/45
                Polaron IV Astrigis IV 4/45-4/51
                Raptor III Iabe III 4/51-4/52
                Polaron V Calire I 4/52-5/5
                Karsor II Castuba II 5/5-5/7
Gobindon Octaron Vancha 5/7-5/12
                Lomor Mocleia II 5/12-5/24
                Furius I Pyome I 5/24-5/35
                Platon Calire II 5/35-5/39
Rhynite Rhynon I Marusa I 5/39-6/11
                Harmachus Urkara II 6/11-6/20
Grigor Margor I Avare I 6/20-6/23
Hesperite Firon I Wilnia 6/23-6/32
Grigor Furius II Avare II 6/32-6/43
                Margor II Pyome II 6/43-6/53
                Margor III Marusa II 6/53-7/5
Hesperite Firon II Aidea V 7/5-7/15
Grigor Pelton Mocleia III 7/15-7/29
                Idalytus Bari 7/29-7/34
Hesperite Firon III Urkara III 7/34-7/37
Grigor Margor IV Abastis 7/37-

* The first Yelmon Kharec claimed to be the tenth of that name because he
built his claim to the throne on his descent from the legendary kings of

The Tale of Margor and Abastis
Though Margor was named heir by Firon, he despised the Hesperites and wished
to ensure the end to the struggle for the Imtherian throne. Margor sought
to ensure his dynasty's place, so when he took the throne, he and his wife
refused to ascend to the sacred bed in the Valley of the Kharex upon the
appointed day. Instead, they entered a sacred cave of Nealda in the heart
of the Grigor lands and invoked the power of their ancestors. Other
families rose against them, bringing civil war to Imther. But after four
years of war, Margor and Abastis had founded their own dynasty to rule.

Fragments of the Old Commentaries of the Court in the Kharex's Hall in
Note: this document was written around 1274 S.T. before the defeat of

The Ingrin Dynasty
Imthus and Aidea: They founded our kingdom, renewed our life pledges,
became our gods and started the great Ingrin dynasty.
- -..
Edamus I and Soraa: Son of Memnon I, he trusted his wife to aid his
ambitions. She did, but then disposed of him.

Phalajaa I and Soraa: The second son of Memnon II fell under the sway of his
aunt. Together they corrupted the sacred marriage bed.

Phalajaa II and Delaa II: The first son of Edamus I and Soraa proved his
incompetence to rule. He and his wife were both corrupted by the mother.

Torgaard and Mista: The second son of Edamus I and Soraa ruled with an iron
fist and an iron heart. He slew his wicked mother for he bore no love, and
he decreed that any Khara must abdicate upon the death of the Kharec. His
wife withered in his presence.

Torphaar and Astrigis I: The last son of Edamus I and Soraa tried to restore
the true rule of Imther.

Phalron I and Aidea II: This son of Phalajaa I and Soraa was as corrupt as
his origins.

Torphaar: Torphaar returned from exile to end the corruption. He brought
with him the children of Shargat who scoured the land.

Philex and Arlia I: The other son of Phalajaa I and Soraa slew Torphaar and
sought sexual power on the sacred altar.

Torphaar: Torphaar returned again, this time from the dead to bring an end
to this dynasty. He strode from his gray tomb and where he walked plants
withered and men fell.

The Valusi Dynasty
Daxus Valusi: He brought the power of Yelem and Khelmal to bear upon the
evils of the court and cleansed the land and altars. He renewed the magics
and the world with his virtue.

Rinian I and Cadma I: Known as the "Good", Rinian saw the fall of the Empire
Without Friends. He drove out the last of the evil tricksters, Vaient

Edamus II and Miabe I: The son of Rinian I was dominated by his wife, said
to be an avatar of Nealda. She gained the Loom of Binding from the mountain
goddess Mia Phora.

Cadmus I and Miabe II: The son of Edamus II. He fell to the Ashen Withers.

Rinian II and Cadma II: Known as the "Holy", Rinian II was so devoted to the
Great Temple of Khelmal that his face had a golden radiance. He formed the
Defenders of the Dome and marched with the True Golden Horde. Cadma ruled
nine years in his name until his death was confirmed.
- -..
Daxus II and Arlia II: Son of Rinian III. He was called the "Yellow Knight"
for his splendid accouterments. He sat atop his tallest tower and watched
the Red Moon rise over Imther.

Starbeck: Son of Dixius II and called "The Mad". He took no wife and he
fought ten foes, including the Mad Sultan, Jannisor, and Onstheus the
Champion. In a great frenzy, he finally tore himself to pieces.

The Rhynite Dynasty
Memnon III and Norea III: With the blessings of Jannisor and the strength
of Onstheus, Memnon Rhynite took the throne and renewed the blessings of the
land for the good of us all. He, too, shall be called "Great".



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