Spirit Cults

From: were.ralph (were.ralph@virgin.net)
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 05:51:36 EET

Hi again
I'd just like to thank everyone who responded to my request concerning
the above, in particular Nick Brooke, who provided an excellent item.
Although my request was kind of 'rulesy' Nick's commentary has inspired
me to really play up this character's role.
Incidentally, he's a Sazdorf troll in 1612 (at the moment).....
Could be getting interesting soon!
Which reminds me, Daniel Fahey advised me to run the Sartar High Council
scenario for my players during this time. I always viewed this as a
scenario which was designed for players who know a bit about Glorantha,
which my players don't (yet). Any ideas for helping them play such major
roles with limited knowledge? I know they have background write ups, but
it's still quite daunting for them.
Thanks again, ..and in advance!
Ralph Plowman


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