Vadeli & Waertagi

Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 22:44:18 EET

Nick Brooke:
I've always believed that the nastiest thing about the Vadeli "today"
is that they have unfettered access to the world. In the First Age,
the Waertagi kept them pent up in their Islands, doing the dirty work
of the Brithini for them <snip>.

It's only now, post-Dormal, that the Vadeli are out and about, roving
the sea-lanes without an opposed naval power strong enough to strike
them down -- especially not, since their apparent alliance with the
monstrous Red Corsairs of the Neliomi Sea -- and the birth of the
second Vadeli thalassocracy encroaches moment by moment.


Aren't the Waertagi coming back? Following the Firebergs? Once they
regroup, the Vadeli are in for real trouble. About the only thing to
keep the Waertagi from swabbing the deck with them, is that they seem
to be extremely interested in the current location of Brithos. Seems
that they want to ask ZZabur a few questions about the Closing...


The Muse struck me the other day, but I am recovering nicely...


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