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Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 23:28:29 EET

Peter Metcalfe wrote of Arkat

> given that the Lowlanders exposure to the Lightbringers is tied in
> with Nysalor (they come from the same source), it would have been
> seen as _bad_ when he cleared Ralios of the deceiver.

This is how I view things (except that, of course, Arkat *is* the
deceiver). The Theyalans brought cool deities and civilization. Arkat
destroyed the latter, and brought troll domination.

> My criterion for assuming that a tribe or peoples had been
> Theyalanized is the adoption of Orlanth as the men's god. Now the
> Galanini would have still been worshipping Eneral, Galin or even
> Humath (I don't know enough about the Galanini to say which one)
> as their men's god and not Orlanth. Even then I feel that Humath
> had a greater influence in Galanini society than Orlanth.

While I'm not sure how early Orlanth became a main deity, I suspect it did
happen fairly soon after the Theyalan Missionaries showed up.

As Shannon points out, Humath was not originally a men's god, and is not
likely to have become one.

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