From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 00:29:35 EET

Nick Brooke:
>Once again, that arch-traitor Peter Metcalfe attempts to lie and
>distort his sources, propping up his own ramshackle theories and
>throwing dust in the eyes of his readers. Luckily, Inspector Nick
>is on the case:

I plead guilty. My only defense is that there has been far too much
light in the digest so far and I felt compelled to obsfucate to
restore the normal balance of heat.

>BTW, Heretical Sunstop Theory:
>The "Brithini Having Babies" theory is rubbish. What happened was,
>the Sunstop was a unique break in the drone-like routine of normal
>Brithini existence. Everyone stood around wondering what to do,
>until Menena inspired her daughters with a way to take their men-
>folk's minds off this unprecedented problem. Nine months later...

Unfortunately the last time the Brithini had babies was at the
end of the God Learner era. Suggestions?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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