MOB's Glorantha Page: New additions

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Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 00:47:01 EET

G'day all,
MOB's Glorantha Page: New additions

I've just added another scenario to MOB's Glorantha Page. This 'un, "Last
Tango in Pavis", is a pre-MGF slice-n-dice RQ3 tournament, featuring my
favorite Gloranthans - the Sun Dome templars of Prax. Once again the
lozenge's looniest baboon Melo Yelo appears, as the amiable xenophobe Mars

Melus from "Mad Prax Beyond Sun Dome". I guess this adventure takes place at
an undefined time sometime after the events in "Mad Prax", but the two
scenarios are not
linked in any way and can stand alone.

This tournament was inspired and co-written by Brian Hebert, and was played
at Necronomicon III in Sydney, New South Wales in 1993, Convulsion '94 in
Leicester, England and RQ Con II in San Fransisco the following year. I had
loads of fun running this at conventions, especially at RQ Con II where one
team (including Nick Brooke and some of the lads from Seattle/Victoria)
finally dispensed with dice altogether and used beer bottle tops to
determine outcomes. The more beer drunk, the more variables we added to the
game! (This was also the game were we had to make up an extra PC on the
sly, and made him a disgraced 79 year old Light Priest who farted in the
temple or something. When Rich, the guy playing him asked what geases his
character had, we all replied, "All of them!" It made for some very amusing
roleplaying (though I assure the scenario itself is quite serious!).

I've also added a link to Peter Metcalfe's page, which features extensive
timelines for a number of regions across the lozenge: an invaluable resource
for Gloranthan historians!

Finally, I've redesigned my front page so it loads faster.

Thanks to everyone who's already visited the site and sent me comments!


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