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Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 00:59:15 EET

Simon Jones:

> The cults mentioned in G:GCotHW- including Earth Eater, Secret Waters, =
> Shadow Cancer, Star Permutator and Sun Storm, all apparently =
> misunderstood Kralorelan or slaor virtues- any ideas or comments?

They sound rather elemental to me. Emperor Thalurzni is
the Balancer of Elements, so I think these were originally
the deities of his enemies in Ignorance. Now, this is a
pretty tall assumption from a single sentence, so if someone
has a cooler idea, I'll readily adopt it. Peter?

Speaking of whom:

>I've heard Sandy say that the Shadow Cancer is actually the Cult
>of Malia.

Interesting since that's a connection I made too when
musing on these cults in the context of my former, now
dead East Isles campaign (the main henchmen of the big
bad guy were illuminates, cynically manipulating and
running these obscure cults for their own power).

Nick on Vadeli:

>It's only now, post-Dormal, that the Vadeli are out and about, roving
>the sea-lanes without an opposed naval power strong enough to strike
>them down -- especially not, since their apparent alliance with the
>monstrous Red Corsairs of the Neliomi Sea -- and the birth of the
>second Vadeli thalassocracy encroaches moment by moment.

{pricks up ears} Hmmm.... this immediately makes me
envision a lovely epic struggle between the Vadeli
and the Haragalans as the third age draws to a close.
Hero Wars at sea?
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