unicorn riders

From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 06:21:03 EET

>hs>So why did Arkat wipe out the Unicorn Riders?
>Because Unicorn Riders are one of the dopiest staples of cheap, hack-eyed
>Fantasy covers and deserved to be wiped out on purely aesthetic reasons?
> Or perhaps because they were a small tribe and all fought for the Bright

        Stephen and I (and I think Shannon said a few words as well)
discussed this in an attempt to come up with a history of the Yelorna cult.
Basically, they began as Ralian (as mentioned in tBC), basically aligned
themselves completely with Nysalor, and most of them moved to Dorastor (or
at least, if any remained behind they probably died). They then fled
through lower Peloria after Arkat stormed Dorastor, picking up some
Pelorian influenced customs along the way (Shield Maidens, for example).
What exactly happened after that is unclear, but its seems likely that some
of them lost their unicorns (or had some problem with an adequate supply of
unicorns) and went to Prax in search of them, and have been there ever
since. Some other offshoots of the Yelorna cult may be hanging around other
places - I think Jarst, for similar reasons (unicorn and star related
goddesses are known there). They probably acquired the Yelmalio connections
in southern Peloria too.
        Arkat was no doubt strongly motivated by his desire to destroy
hackneyed fantasy cliches in his urge to wipe them out.



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