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Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 07:58:12 EET

Jeff Richard:

Me>>But Arkat cannot be _aware_ of [the distinction between Nysaloran
>>influences and Lightbringing] when he enters Ralios! This would
>>be on par with the First Crusaders distinguishing between Turks and
>>Egyptians as they battle their way to Jerusalem.

>Good analogy. Of course, Arkat had already shifted his world-view
>fairly dramatically by the - becoming a Seshnegi knight is a dramatic
>change for a Brithini Horal.

I'm not so sure that it would confer upon him open-mindedness
at the time. When he became Humaktson, yes he would have become
transculturally aware, but the leap from Brithini to Seshnegi
was one that had been made before and his Seshnegi faith had
the appropiate explanations.

>>Therefore Nysaloran influences would _become_ associated
>>with the cult of Orlanth in lowland Ralios regardless of whether
>>his truths were capable of being understood outside that context.

>But when a Dorastan Orlanthi travelled into lowland Ralios to preach of
>Nysalor's revelations, he wouldn't be talking about the Lightbringers -
>he'd be talking about High Storm, about various new abstract entities that
>didn't require a cultural context for understanding.

Where would they be preaching? IMO most Dorastan Orlanthi will
be preaching in the familiar surrounds of an Orlanthi Temple just
like foreign lecturers and professors sprout off at local
universities. The wisdom received at the Orlanthi Temple would
then diffuse into Ralian Society. Thus Orlanthism = Nysaloranism
in Dari Society.

Me>>Of course I'm largely influenced by the wonderful argument of one
>>J. Richard in Enclosure to the effect that 'Nysalor was a true son
>>of Orlanth and Lokamayadon was his first priest!'

>Throw my words back at me! Ouch!

Now you know how Arkat felt when he met himself!

Joerg Baumgartner:

>Chariot use during Jonat's time might be excused
>with continued God Learner experimentation, after 1050 they would be
>relegated to ritual purposes only (if not earlier, like after trying
>them in battle once).

An even better excuse is simply to junk Jonat-saga chariots as
complete shite, lock stock and barrel. The 1st age Galanini
never used them and chariots have been obslete since then. Even
the God Learners wouldn't be stupid to try and ressurect them.
The only possibility is the panzer-chariots but sadly, they are
already used by the Dara Happans (cf the Deretinic Chariots in
ToTRM#16) and are not much good.

Andrew Joelson:

>Aren't the Waertagi coming back? Following the Firebergs? Once they
>regroup, the Vadeli are in for real trouble.

If only. What looks likely to happen is that the Waertagi and
the Vadeli join forces!

- --Peter Metcalfe


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