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Date: Wed 18 Feb 1998 - 20:51:25 EET

   I've been lurking a while, but just having read _King_of_Sartar_,
here are 2 (or 3) questions ...
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   All attribution lost, quotha ...

> >Just a quick question or three, who are the Lost Tribes of Prax? Are they
> >gone or hidden or what? Will they return?
> The Lopers, the Longnoses, the Clawfoots, the Plains-elk and the Nosehorns.
> They are believed to exist but virtually all praxians have never seen them.
> They may return but they are more likely to be an exotic clan encountered
> on the plains of prax rather than a gigantic horde.

   The Longnoses and Nosehorns are in Nomad Gods (separate from the
Lost Tribes), and I've even seen 1 of them myself. Hadn't come
across the others, but mystery number 1 is: in _King_of_Sartar_ there
is reference to 'the 6 Great Steeds of Prax' and the '22 Lesser
Steeds'. What are they?

   The Great Steeds: Bison, High Llama, Impala, Sable ... and ...?

   Morocanth are not steeds, and they don't ride herdpeople. Surely
not Horses (spit!)? Maybe, because there is talk of the Pol Joni
being accepted fully into the nomadic life in some areas, at least.
And maybe Aurochs (now extinct, but probably pretty great when they
were around!).

   The Lesser Steeds: Clawfoot, Longnose, Loper, Nosehorn, Ostrich,
Plains-Elk (is this an Auroch by another name?), Rhino, Unicorn,


   Needing just 13 more!
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   But the big question ...

   What happened after _King_of_Sartar_? The bizarre surrounding
material that surrounds it (signed by someone called "Greg
Stafford"---no relation, presumably :-)---who lives in the
totalitarian and depressingly grey reign of Harshax) has a completely
unexplained decline and fall after the events of the book that lead
to hundreds of years of illiteracy and general bad stuff. Is the
explanation for this in the book? I never was much good at decoding
these things ...--- And recently in this list there is talk of
Argrath of Pavis as a separate person from Argrath White Bull. Is
that based on a reading of the book, or some other stuff, and if so

   Questions, questions ...

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