Tradetalk publishing schedule

From: Ingo Tschinke (
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 08:58:37 EET

Shannon Appel wrote:
Watch for Tradetalk #3 - when it comes out it has a few First Age
myths I wrote about the central Ralians, talking about the four
Galanini tribes, the Twin Storms, and a few other things...

Joerg answered:
Which might delay a bit longer, I'm afraid. We still plan to get #4 out
by May.

Shannon has written in fact a very good article about the galanini myths for
Tradetalk # 3. This very issue should be published in 1997, that is true, but we
have had some unexpected delays for which the Tradetalk team is very sorry

But I think we can publish TT # 3 at least in the beginning of march. I would
like to make no promisses about this, but we are trying our very best. TT # 4 -
the Holy Country issue - will get published soon after TT # 4.

If you want to know more about the content of the upcoming issues of Tradetalk
take a look on the webpage of Scott Knowles:




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