God Learners some more

From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 08:59:45 EET

>>The God Learners (taken to mean the group of
>>people capable of God Learner magic) were far from unified, politically or
>They were unified both politically and intellectually. They had
>universities which churned out degrees by the thousands and they
>all owed allegiance to the Middle Sea Empire.

        Maybe its because I work in a university (though not for much
longer, today was resignation day) that I find the reasoning that 'degrees
churned out by the thousands' implies 'intellectual unity' rather
        And as for unified politically? I deliberately defined 'God
Learner' to include not just the Jrusteli, but all the other allies of the
Middle Sea Empire who had access to their magic techniques, many of whom
owed no direct allegiance to the Emperor (ie the Six Leggeds, the pirates
of Teleos, the early FDR).

        Rather, its because they have universities that I imagine constant
intellectual debate. Which in turn encourages them to test their theories.

        I think of the God Learner movement is being in large part an
intellectual revolution. Its was an intellectual revolution too primarily
of a new methodology for dealing with magic, rather than simply a religious
movement. I think the intellectual revolutionary atmosphere is bound to
lead to disagreements, rival theories, cries of intellectual heresy, etc.

>Your take on the God Learners required people to have opposed the
>Manhatten Project before it left the Drawing Board.

        No analogy is perfect. The Manhattan Project was, after all,
secret. But take, for example, the current cloning humans debate.

>FWIW there were good reasons for pursuing the Manhattan project and
>they are still true.

        There were some fairly good reasons for pursueing the Goddess
Switch, Tanian, or even Zistor, and some of them may still be valid.
        And the good reasons for the Manhattan project have not stopped
people from condemning it.




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