Humakti death

From: Colin Phillips (
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 14:00:59 EET


What sergio wrote about the Humakti being able to ressurrect is, to use
a phrase from Mr Nick Brooke, "utter tosh".


Just because you use some feeble excuse, like "I was killed the wrong
way" should not be a reason to be ressurrected. The ideal (please note
that word) way for Humakti to die is in the service of their god.
Hopefully chopping down loads of bad guys as they go ;). Now it is not
important how many fail to live up to these ideals as long as this is
what they are striving for when the bit the bullet.

The whole point about ideals are that they are something you try to live
up to even if you fail. If a Humakti is poisoned or dies from disease,
the god of death is not going to give the soul back, because they died
in the wrong way. They where just unlucky.

This is the sacrifice individuals make when they choose to be a Humakti.
They are giving up everything (including all get out clauses) when they
take on the role of Humakt.

To view Humakti like this is to undermine the very ideal of this death
cult IMHO.

When this chain of ideas begin, I was very much in support of the dirge
like humakti wandering at will, giving death freely to all who need it.
But if you are just thinking of it as a way to opt out of dying, then
this is where we part company.

Gregs idea that healing was only possible from Chalanna Arroy initiate,
I thought was great, so any body playing in my games watch out as I am
going to implement this forthwith.

Colin Phillips


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