Galini or Galanini

From: Jose Ramos (
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 16:23:31 EET

Peter agrees with me (or convinces me, I am not sure). However some points

I propose Galini as the name for the civilized inhabitants of Galin, to show
that they are more attached to their city than to one of their gods.

>By the nominal knight caste, I meant to refer to the Burghers. I'm
>intending Safelstran cavalry to be somewhat weaker than Seshnegi
>Knights. And many of the burghers although they have the privilege
>of riding horses in battle, prefer to shoot crossbows from the city

Although the Burghers have more power in Safelster than anywhere else (and
is one of the few places where a true middle class is strongly emerging), I
don't think they are in the Knight caste. Instead, the sorry state of the
City-states militaries is linked to the small number of knights, household
retainers of the Lords, and forming "in toto" Nobility.

So the four castes of Malkion become four (simplified) separate classes:

- - Nobles. The Lords and their retainers

- - Upper Middle Class. City leaders (Guildmasters, Mayors, Priests, Trade
Princes). Urban.

- - Middle Class (Artisans, Traders, Clergy)

- - Lower Class (Labourers, farmers)

The Church is part of the system, but the mercenaries are outside them.
Usually they will be treated as a foreign Noble with a big household.

Just IMG, as always.



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