Ignorance and Koromandol

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Woo Hoo!!!

        My nutty Koromandol trolls are cannon! ;-)

see! look! they are!!!
(Peter Metcalfe)
        There was a thread some time ago about the culture of the Uz in=20
        Koromandol in the digests volume 4 numbers 360-370 (approx). They
        are a whaling culture based on the indians of the Pacific Northwest

unfortuanately, I have just begun the RW HeroQuest known as "Buying a
and am unable to make more than a passing comment or two...

I assume that Ignorance and Koromandol are pretty much entirely seperate.

Ignorance: Kralori Ruled Trollkin. 'kin are left over from the troll
domination, or
bought from the coastal trolls (note below) but few or no real trolls are
found in there.

Koromandol: Trolls with a culture based upon that of the PNW Natives.
(Puget Sound,
Vancouver Island area) I never really decided if they sell all their
Trollkin to Ignorance, or
keep most around, or what... But regardless, they are a reasonably
xenophobic bunch
who believe that the Kin curse was caused by association with humans.

a few things to note:
Spectres: If you believe the Black Sun write up in Troll Gods, each Black
Sun priest
has to make a spectre every seven years. Spectres seem to be effectively
thus the (10,000 ??) years of BS worship through the darkness (it was the
major state
religion untill the Kralori came around 600 st ) will have spawned literally
Millions of the
things. this leads me to believe that Spectres are common as rats in NE
Ignorance and
inland of Koromandol.

Koromandol coast: The closing seems to have taken the form of massive fog
in this far
corner of the world. The trolls are mostly unnaffected, as fog is
irrelevent to their
darksence, but awful for humans. This has allowed them to develop/maintain

big whale hunting culture mostly in isolation since they were cast out of
They mostly worship the "same" gods as DagInk, but in a more Primitive form
("conservative" backlash after the defeat of Ignorance)
Great Mother (KL)
Kind Sister (XU)
Angry Brother (ZZ)
Smiling Liar (AA)

Beetle, Slug, Mosquito, etc.. (Gorakiki)
the Pure One (subere)

Urm Ulg (trickster -- a cross between PNW Raven and eurmal) is a figure
important in
many myths, but rarely worshipped.

any ideas/input/drastic revision are encouraged.


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